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Cambridgeshire Race Equality & Diversity Service


You can find a Race Equality Information Pack for Cambridgeshire here...






















Immigration & Race issues

Immigration Advice Service


The Immigration Advisory Service is a UK organisation registered as a charity, providing direct legal assistance to refugees, asylum seekers and others needing advice and guidance around British immigration law.


You can find the IAS online here...




Equality and Human Rights Commission
''We have a statutory remit to promote and monitor human rights; and to protect, enforce and promote equality across the nine "protected" grounds - age, disability, gender, race, religion and belief, pregnancy and maternity, marriage and civil partnership, sexual orientation and gender reassignment''.


3 More London,
Riverside Tooley Street,

Telephone: 020 3117 0235
Fax: 0203 117 0237


Web: See EHRC on the web here...






















Overcoming discrimination

- making the most of opportunities


The short film below is from the icould website.


It has a section on discrimination.


It has many films about taking opportunities and getting on in society.


This film is by Fresia Campbell describing how she worked to become a Facilities Manager in her local council.

Fresia describes her experiences...

The icould website provides visitors with ideas and inspiration for career and life choices.


You can get information about careers and jobs on the ABMEC Directory careers page too.


See more here...




Celebrating education

in the BME community...


Extract from Cambridgeshire County Council web pages...



Black and minority ethnic (BME) achievement in schools


Black and minority ethnic pupils comprise 5.9% of Cambridgeshire’s total school population, with Bangladeshi, Chinese and Indian as the largest groups at 0.5% each.


The total Black population in schools is 0.7%, which includes Black Caribbean and Black African children and those who identify themselves as ‘Black other’.


There are more Black and minority ethnic children currently in primary schools (6.5%) than in secondary (5.3%). The Black and minority ethnic population varies greatly across the county: 17.5% of Cambridge City’s school population are from Black and minority ethnic communities, compared with 2.5% in Fenland schools.


However, Black and minority ethnic communities are growing in all areas of the county.


Educational achievement of the various Black and minority ethnic groups in Cambridgeshire is similar to national achievement trends.


Chinese and Indian heritage groups achieve above the county average across primary and secondary school, while Bangladeshi, Black African, Black Caribbean and Pakistani heritage groups achieve below. This does not mean that individual children from these ethnic groups do not achieve well.


Cambridgeshire’s Ethnic Minority Achievement Grant (EMAG) funding is targeted at raising the achievement levels of these particular groups.


In addition, there are projects which provide additional support, such as learning mentoring.


Equally Safe


You can view, print or download a copy of this information booklet here...

This web site is designed, hosted and the content supported by

Part of the SmithMartin Partnership LLP - an ethical practice, delivering community partnerships

Cambridge Immigration Legal Centre – CILC
"Cambridge Immigration Legal Centre Ltd. provides advocacy and representation to the UK immigration authorities as well as information and advice on all aspects of UK immigration, nationality and asylum law.


We offer a free enquiry service through our website with a guarantee response time of 24 hours and a fixed fee service for clients. CILC has  "legal aid" contract to provide service and advice to low income individuals with meritous immigration cases."

114 - 116 Newmarket Road

Contact: Laura Ortu
Telephone:   01223 308745
Fax:   01223 324406



Home Office UK Border Agency
For information on British citizenship,
Nationality contact centre:

Phone:  0845 010 5200
Web Address:



Racism  in schools:


Below is a copy of an information booklet from CREDS (see entry at top of the page), which shows you how the county strives to deliver frameworks to schools, parents, carers and children which ensure equality and fairness.

Cambridgeshire Race Equality & Diversity Service

- Black & Bilingual Team
Foster Road
CB2 2NL Telephone: 01223 703882
Fax: 01223 703883